Steve Walschot

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Steve Walschot
美国密歇根大学信息安全与密码学博士,精通加密算法、公/私钥签名算法、网络协议、DDos 网络防护设计。曾在国际信息安全与密码学会议及学术期刊上发表论文进 30 篇,拥有多项信息技术安全相关发明专利,对数据储存的可靠性、交易的真实一致性以及用户的隐私保护有着深度研究。

Ph.D. in information security and cryptography at University of Michigan, USA, proficient in encryption algorithm, public / private key signature algorithm, network protocol, DDos network protection design. 30 papers have been published in the International Conference on information security and cryptography and academic journals. There are a number of patents on information technology security related inventions. There is a deep study on the reliability of data storage, the true consistency of transaction and the protection of users' privacy.


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